Sijia Chen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Sijia Chen plays a role.


Facing a new technological turn, the field of interpreting is in great need of evidence on the effectiveness of computer-assisted interpreting. This study proposes a computer-assisted consecutive interpreting (CACI) mode incorporating speech recognition (SR) and machine translation (MT). First,… read more
Chen, Sijia, Jan-Louis Kruger and Stephen Doherty 2021 Reading patterns and cognitive processing in an eye-tracking study of note-reading in consecutive interpretingInterpreting 23:1, pp. 76–102 | Article
This article reports on the eye-tracking data collected from 18 professional interpreters while they performed consecutive interpreting with notes. It is a pioneering study in its visualisation of the way in which note-reading occurs. Preliminary evidence suggests that note-reading proceeds in a… read more
This article reports the findings of an empirical study on the process of note-taking in consecutive interpreting (CI). The focus is on the data collected via digital pen recording and voice recording while professional interpreters performed CI between Chinese (L1) and English (L2). In both… read more
Fluency is an important, yet insufficiently understood, construct in interpreting studies. This article reports on an empirical study which explored the relationship between utterance fluency measures and raters’ perceived fluency ratings of English/Chinese consecutive interpreting. It also… read more
The study reported here attempts to describe and explore possible patterns of strategy use in English-to-Chinese simultaneous interpreting (SI) of fast-delivery and accented speeches, drawing upon a subset of empirical data generated from a larger experimental study (see Han & Riazi 2016). A… read more