Marco Haverkort

List of John Benjamins publications for which Marco Haverkort plays a role.



Haverkort, Marco and Jan H. de Roder. 2003. Poetry, language, and ritual performance. Ritual Language Behaviour, Bax, Marcel (ed.), pp. 269–286
In line with the proposal of de Roder (1999), we will draw an analogy between the structure of ritual, poetic language and natural language, exploiting Frits Staal’s conception of ritual as a set of recursively applicable formal procedures, and the biological ramifications of the Chomskyan… read more | Article
Sabourin, Laura L. and Marco Haverkort. 2003. 8. Neural substrates of representation and processing of a second language. The Lexicon–Syntax Interface in Second Language Acquisition, Hout, Roeland van, Aafke Hulk, Folkert Kuiken and Richard J. Towell (eds.), pp. 175–195
Haverkort, Marco. 1993. The Definiton of Morphological and Syntactic Words. The Parametrization of Universal Grammar, Fanselow, Gisbert (ed.), pp. 145 ff.