Asha Tickoo

List of John Benjamins publications for which Asha Tickoo plays a role.


This paper will document an English-learning influenced transformation of self, as a shared experience amongst a community of its Chinese users. The study examines 84 English narratives on the English language learning (ELL) experience of undergraduate L1 speakers of Mandarin at three… read more
Though scholars interested in ESL writing pedagogy would like to believe otherwise, most students in high school and college English language courses are not, in fact, required to write academic prose. Rather they are, by and large, asked to write the personal narrative, a genre of prose similar in… read more
This paper uses a schemata-theoretic conception of reading in an assessment of ESL reader recall of unstated levels of meaning in narrative prose. Schemata theory suggests that the skilled reader selects one of a finite number of text schemata to use in the decoding, retention and recall of a… read more
In this paper, I will examine esl learner attempts at a key component of narrative prose, its complication. The complication is the defining component of the four-part schematic structure of narrative (Labov 1981, labov & Waletzky 1967), because it introduces the crisis of the story. This is the… read more
A number of researchers (Meyer 1975, 1977a, 1977b; Meyer, Brandt & Bluth 1980; Meyer & Freedle 1984; Carrell 1983; Connor 1984) have claimed that Collection is one of the most rudimentary of expository text configurations. They suggest that, unlike expository configurations such as Comparison,… read more
The complexities inherent to the acquisition of temporal reference have not been associated with the first formal means of representing time in L2 acquisition of temporal reference, namely temporal adverbials. But this study of the use of ‘then’/ ‘after that’ by Vietnamese learners of ESL suggests… read more
Tickoo, Asha 1992 On preposing and word order rigidityPragmatics 2:4, pp. 467–486 | Article