Damaris Nübling

List of John Benjamins publications for which Damaris Nübling plays a role.


Nübling, Damaris 2022 Hoekstra, Hoeksma, Hoeksema: Friesische Familiennamen in Deutschland – Typen, Verbreitung, onymische MorphologieFrom West to North Frisia: A Journey along the North Sea Coast, Walker, Alastair, Eric Hoekstra, Goffe Jensma, Wendy Vanselow, Willem Visser and Christoph Winter (eds.), pp. 253–272 | Chapter
The German Surname Atlas captures Frisian surnames only marginally because of their regional occurrence, yet is able to identify nationwide phenomena. This article deals with West, East and North Frisian surnames in Germany and focuses on their specific forms and patterns. While East and North… read more
German proper names can be divided into two large classes, i.e. one with and one without an obligatory definite article. It will be shown that this article is part of a classifier system, which provides semantic information about the referent. Furthermore, the inherited three-gender system in… read more
Nübling, Damaris 2011 Review of Bybee (2010): Language, Usage and CognitionLanguage and Dialogue 1:1, pp. 179–180 | Review