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Subjects Discourse studies | Japanese linguistics | Pragmatics | Syntax


Hayano, Kaoru and Makoto Hayashi 2023 Chapter 9. Post-confirmation modifications: Trajectories of un -initiated responses to polar questions in JapaneseResponding to Polar Questions across Languages and Contexts, Bolden, Galina B., John Heritage and Marja-Leena Sorjonen (eds.), pp. 272–300 | Chapter
It has long been acknowledged that, in response to polar questions, disagreements are normatively delayed with agreements such that they are presented as modifications or exceptions rather than outright disagreements. While there is a large body of literature on how the initial element in the… read more
Hayashi, Makoto and Kaoru Hayano 2018 Chapter 7. A-prefaced responses to inquiry in JapaneseBetween Turn and Sequence: Turn-initial particles across languages, Heritage, John and Marja-Leena Sorjonen (eds.), pp. 191–224 | Chapter
This study explores the stances communicated by two turn-initial particles in Japanese, a and eh, when they are used to preface responses to inquiry. The particle a comes close in its usage to oh in English and is often used to acknowledge the receipt of new and/or unexpected information. Eh is… read more
Fox, Barbara A., Fay Wouk, Steven Fincke, Wilfredo Hernandez Flores, Makoto Hayashi, Minna Laakso, Yael Maschler, Abolghasem Mehrabi, Marja-Leena Sorjonen, Susanne Uhmann and Hyun Jung Yang 2017 Morphological self-repair: Self-repair within the wordStudies in Language 41:3, pp. 638–659 | Article
In this study we explore patterns of same-turn self-repair within the word, across ten typologically and areally diverse languages. We find universal processes emerging through language-specific resources, namely: recycling is used to delay a next item due, while replacement is used to replace an… read more
“Once we register that language figures in the actual, practical activities of the lives of people and societies, and that how the language is configured is more than incidentally related to its involvement in those activities, it is readily apparent that, at the very least, attention must be paid… read more
Hayashi, Makoto and Kyung-Eun Yoon 2010 A cross-linguistic exploration of demonstratives in interaction: With particular reference to the context of word-formulation troubleFillers, Pauses and Placeholders, Amiridze, Nino, Boyd Davis and Margaret Maclagan (eds.), pp. 33–66 | Article
This study examines uses of demonstratives as filler words in the context where speakers encounter trouble in formulating a word during spontaneous speech production. Focusing on three East Asian languages (Japanese, Korean and Mandarin), we first document the range of forms and functions of… read more
This study undertakes a cross-linguistic examination of several distinct usage types of demonstratives as “filler words” in the context where speakers encounter trouble in formulating a word during spontaneous speech production. The study documents the range of forms and functions of these… read more
Hayashi, Makoto 2001 Postposition-initiated utterances in Japanese conversation: An interactional account of a grammatical practiceStudies in Interactional Linguistics, Selting, Margret and Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen (eds.), pp. 317 ff. | Article
Menn, Lise, Akio Kamio, Makoto Hayashi, Ikuyo Fujita, Sumiko Sasanuma and Larry Boles 1999 The role of empathy in sentence production: A functional analysis of aphasic and normal elicited narratives in Japanese and EnglishFunction and Structure: In honor of Susumu Kuno, Kamio, Akio and Ken-ichi Takami (eds.) | Article