Hailing Yu

List of John Benjamins publications for which Hailing Yu plays a role.


Chen, Shukun, Winfred Wenhui Xuan and Hailing Yu 2022 Applying systemic functional linguistics in translation studies: A research synthesisBabel 68:4, pp. 517–545 | Article
This paper takes a meta-analysis and synthesis approach to emphasize systemic functional linguistics’ contribution to translation studies. A coding book was designed to analyze 123 studies collected through email inquiry, database search, and manual examination. The paper reports on the… read more
Yu, Hailing and Canzhong Wu 2017 Recreating the image of Chan master Huineng: The role of personal pronounsTarget 29:1, pp. 64–86 | Article
The article is on the recreation of the image of Chan master Huineng in four English translations of the Platform Sutra through the choice of personal pronouns. Adopting SysConc as analytical tool, the study looks at the use of personal pronouns and the image of Huineng recreated in each… read more