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Japan has transformed itself from a militaristic, imperialist state into a pacifist, democratic country as well as a reliable U.S. ally. However, postwar Japan has had two responses to the lost war. On the one hand, conservatives often found it difficult to reconcile themselves with the reality of… read more | Article
Kato, Takayuki and Takeshi Suzuki 2015 A strategic maneuvering analysis of Japan’s first internet election in 2013Scrutinizing Argumentation in Practice, Eemeren, Frans H. van and Bart Garssen (eds.), pp. 327–342
In 2013, Japan experienced its first Internet election campaign in history. This essay attempts to analyze political moves in the campaign within the framework of strategic maneuvering developed by Frans H. van Eemeren. Different approaches were found between major and minor parties. An opposition… read more | Article