Norbert Francis

List of John Benjamins publications for which Norbert Francis plays a role.


A major study has been released on the emergence in East Asia of the logographic, or logo-syllabic, writing systems inherited from Chinese writing, attending primarily to the adaptations and innovations implemented in Korea, Vietnam, Japan and by speakers of the Tai languages of Southern China and… read more
Francis, Norbert 2016 Language and dialect in ChinaChinese Language and Discourse 7:1, pp. 136–149 | Article
In the study of language learning, researchers sometimes ask how languages in contact are related. They compare the linguistic features of the languages, how the mental grammars of each language sub-system are represented, put to use in performance, and how they interact. Within a linguistic… read more
This retrospective overview looks back twenty years to the first series of reports from the field on a study of bilingualism and literacy learning. Continuing research in the same community during this period allows today for a reassessment of the claims, proposals and overall approach of the… read more
A new study of modern Chinese poetry has been published that deserves the attention of linguists working in both the applied and theoretical fields. The focus of the book is experimental and avant-garde literature, and as such it raises questions that are different than the ones we are accustomed… read more
This article outlines a proposal for evaluating educational policy and planning for multilingual school systems. Often, debates on language policy in education suffer from a restricted perspective that elevates socio-political considerations above all others. Assigning secondary importance to… read more