Zohreh R. Eslami

Zohreh R. Eslami

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Complimenting Behavior and (Self-)Praise across Social Media: New contexts and new insights

Edited by María Elena Placencia and Zohreh R. Eslami

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 313] 2020. xi, 315 pp. + index
Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Sociology


Graham, Keith M., Haemin Kim, Yunkyeong Choi and Zohreh R. Eslami. 2021. CLIL as a balance for female–male differences? The effect of CLIL on student writing outcomes. Issues and Perspectives on Student Diversity and Content-Based Language Education, Genesee, Fred and Diane J. Tedick (eds.), pp. 310–335
This study examines female–male differences in English writing outcomes for Taiwanese primary school learners enrolled in a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) program. Narrative and expository writing samples of 212 primary school students (Male = 103, Female = 109) in Taiwan were… read more | Article
Transnational higher education (TNHE), often based on export models of Western-based universities and driven by neoliberal market economy agendas, has spread across the globe. One example of TNHE is Qatar’s Education City where six prestigious American international branch campuses (IBCs) all… read more | Article
Advancements in technology, spread of English language worldwide, increasing use of online social networking sites (SNSs) and globalization are recognized as highly powerful forces influencing everyday language use and practices. This has led to concerns that technologization, in line with… read more | Chapter
Placencia, María Elena and Zohreh R. Eslami. 2020. Introduction. Complimenting Behavior and (Self-)Praise across Social Media: New contexts and new insights, Placencia, María Elena and Zohreh R. Eslami (eds.), pp. 1–18
In order to raise global profiles of universities, governments around the world have pushed universities to offer English medium instruction (EMI) courses. While research examining the attitudes toward EMI has been conducted in various countries, these studies generally look at a single university… read more | Article
Eslami, Zohreh R. 2010. Refusals: How to develop appropriate refusal strategies. Speech Act Performance: Theoretical, empirical and methodological issues, Martínez-Flor, Alicia and Esther Usó-Juan (eds.), pp. 217–236
Refusal can be a difficult speech act to perform. As a disprefered response, it is complicated in form and it usually involves various strategies to avoid offending one’s interlocutor. For second language learners with linguistic limitations, performing refusals successfully may require a higher… read more | Article
Eslami, Zohreh R. 2004. Face-keeping strategies in reaction to complaints: English and Persian. Academic Interaction, Marriott, Helen (ed.), pp. 179–195
This paper discusses a number of differences between English and Persian in the area of speech acts and links them with different cultural values and norms. The Persian speakers’ use of face-keeping strategies in reaction to complaints was compared with American English speakers’ performance. The… read more | Article