Svenja Wurm

List of John Benjamins publications for which Svenja Wurm plays a role.


This article explores the role of translaboration in an area where collaborative translation and co-creative processes intertwine: a bilingual devised theatre rehearsal room. Scholarship has tended to focus on translated plays as cultural products and on the difficulty associated with making… read more | Article
This article investigates the roles that text modalities play in translation from written text into recorded signed language. While written literacy practices have a long history, practices involving recorded signed texts are only beginning to develop. In addition, the specific characteristics of… read more | Article
Hessmann, Jens, Eeva Salmi, Graham H. Turner and Svenja Wurm 2011 Developing and transmitting a shared interpreting research ethos: EUMASLI – A case studyAdvances in Interpreting Research: Inquiry in action, Nicodemus, Brenda and Laurie Swabey (eds.), pp. 177–198
Sign language interpreters monitor professional encounters to make informed choices in specific interactional constellations. For the profession, progress crucially depends on transcending individual intuitions and communicating experiential knowledge in the light of theory. Introducing a research… read more | Article