Angel Chan

List of John Benjamins publications for which Angel Chan plays a role.


Chun, Eunjin, Si Chen, Shulin Liu and Angel Chan 2021 Chapter 4. Influence of syntactic complexity on second language predictionPrediction in Second Language Processing and Learning, Kaan, Edith and Theres Grüter (eds.), pp. 69–90
This study investigated the influence of syntactic complexity on prediction in second language (L2) processing. In a visual world eye-tracking experiment, we compared L2 listeners’ prediction while processing simple (e.g., The dancer will open/ get the present) vs. complex sentences (e.g., I know… read more | Chapter
Wang, Shichang, Chu-Ren Huang, Yao Yao and Angel Chan 2019 The effect of morphological structure on semantic transparency ratingsThe interface of semantics & etymology, morpho-syntax, and pragmatics in Chinese, Peck, Jeeyoung (ed.), pp. 225–255
Semantic transparency deals with the interface between lexical semantics and morphology. It is an important linguistic phenomenon in Chinese in the context of prediction of meanings of compounds from their constituents. Given prominence of compounding in Chinese morpho-lexical processes, to date… read more | Article
We discuss three typological characteristics relevant to the acquisition of relative clauses (RCs) in Cantonese and Mandarin: (i) the prenominal position of RCs; (ii) the availability of an internally-headed analysis for Cantonese object RCs; and (iii) Chinese RCs as a subset of noun modifying… read more | Article