Eric Steven Atwell

List of John Benjamins publications for which Eric Steven Atwell plays a role.


This study aims to construct a corpus-informed list of Arabic Formulaic Sequences (ArFSs) for use in language pedagogy (LP) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications. A hybrid mixed methods model was adopted for extracting ArFSs from a corpus, that combined automatic and manual… read more
Atwell, Eric Steven 2018 Classical and modern Arabic corpora: Genre and language changeDiachronic Corpora, Genre, and Language Change, Whitt, Richard J. (ed.), pp. 65–92 | Chapter
Our Artificial Intelligence research group at the University of Leeds has collected, analysed and annotated Classical Arabic corpus resources: the Quranic Arabic Corpus with several layers of linguistic annotation; the QurAna Quran pronoun anaphoric co-reference corpus; the QurSim Quran verse… read more
Al-Sulaiti, Latifa and Eric Steven Atwell 2006 The design of a corpus of Contemporary ArabicInternational Journal of Corpus Linguistics 11:2, pp. 135–171 | Article
Corpora are an important resource for both teaching and research. Arabic lacks sufficient resources in this field, so a research project has been designed to compile a corpus, which represents the state of the Arabic language at the present time and the needs of end-users. This report presents the… read more
Shawar, Bayan Abu and Eric Steven Atwell 2005 Using corpora in machine-learning chatbot systemsInternational Journal of Corpus Linguistics 10:4, pp. 489–516 | Article
A chatbot is a machine conversation system which interacts with human users via natural conversational language. Software to machine-learn conversational patterns from a transcribed dialogue corpus has been used to generate a range of chatbots speaking various languages and sublanguages including… read more