Annemarie Kerkhoff

List of John Benjamins publications for which Annemarie Kerkhoff plays a role.


Kerkhoff, Annemarie, Elise de Bree and Frank Wijnen 2017 Can poor readers be good learners? Non-adjacent dependency learning in adults with dyslexiaDevelopmental Perspectives in Written Language and Literacy: In honor of Ludo Verhoeven, Segers, Eliane and Paul van den Broek (eds.), pp. 315–331
This study aimed to test whether adults with dyslexia are impaired at non-adjacent dependency learning, and whether potential learning difficulties are domain-specific or not. Participants were familiarised with one of two artificial languages containing dependencies between the first and third… read more | Chapter
Capel, Desiree, Elise de Bree, Annemarie Kerkhoff en Frank Wijnen 2008 Nederlandse Baby's Gebruiken Statistische Informatie om Spraakklanken te Leren OnderscheidenToegepaste Taalwetenschap in Artikelen 79, pp. 21–29
Phonemes are perceived categorically and this perception is language-specific for adult listeners. Infants initially are "universal" listeners, capable of discriminating both native and non-native speech contrasts. This ability disappears in the first year of life. Maye et al. (Cognition (2002))… read more | Article
Kager, René, Suzanne van der Feest, Paula Fikkert, Annemarie Kerkhoff and Tania S. Zamuner 2007 2. Representations of [voice]: Evidence from acquisitionVoicing in Dutch: (De)voicing – phonology, phonetics, and psycholinguistics, Weijer, Jeroen van de and Erik Jan van der Torre (eds.), pp. 41–80
We consider two theories of laryngeal representation, one using a single feature [voice] generalizing across prevoicing languages and aspiration languages, and the other using multiple features: [voice] for pre-voicing languages and [spread glottis] for aspiration languages. We derive predictions… read more | Article