Ellen Grote

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ellen Grote plays a role.


Grote, Ellen and Rhonda Oliver 2022 Chapter 12. A task-based needs analysis framework for TBLT: Theory, purpose, and applicationSecond Language Acquisition Theory: The legacy of Professor Michael H. Long, Benati, Alessandro G. and John W. Schwieter (eds.), pp. 235–256 | Chapter
This chapter focuses on the evidenced-based Task Based Needs Analysis (NA) model that Michael Long developed as a tool for Task Based Language Teaching (TBLT). It describes the theoretical underpinnings of the model, its purpose and aims, its function in TBLT, how it contributes to task and… read more
Oliver, Rhonda, Judith Rochecouste, Samantha Vanderford and Ellen Grote 2011 Teacher awareness and understandings about Aboriginal English in Western AustraliaAustralian Review of Applied Linguistics 34:1, pp. 60–74 | Article
Repeated assessments of literacy skills have shown that Aboriginal students do not achieve at the same level as their non-Aboriginal peers. Many Aboriginal students speak Aboriginal English, a dialect different from the Standard Australian English used in schools. Research shows that it is crucial… read more
The role of conversational interaction in second language research has increasingly been seen as playing a facilitative role in second language learning. As such there have been a number of studies focussing on different types of interaction, including feedback such as recasts, and their potential… read more
Gossip has mainly been investigated as an oral discourse practice, one that serves as a mechanism to reaffirm relationships and to construct, monitor and maintain social norms and values within communities. This study investigates how a group of Aboriginal English speaking teenage girls… read more