Rafael Núñez

List of John Benjamins publications for which Rafael Núñez plays a role.



Walker, Esther J. and Rafael Núñez 2016 Speaking, Gesturing, Reasoning: Methods and Issues in the Study of Spatial Construals of TimeConceptualizations of Time, Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk, Barbara (ed.), pp. 43–66
People use space to structure their thoughts about time (e.g. Núñez & Cooperrider 2013). In this chapter, we first provide a brief overview of the various ways that we use space to talk, gesture, and reason about deictic and sequence time. We then discuss the strengths and limitations of the… read more | Article
Cooperrider, Kensy and Rafael Núñez 2012 Nose-pointing: Notes on a facial gesture of Papua New GuineaGesture 12:2, pp. 103–129
This article describes a previously undocumented deictic facial gesture of Papua New Guinea, which we call nose-pointing. Based on a video corpus of examples produced by speakers of Yupno, an indigenous language of Papua New Guinea’s Finisterre Range, we characterize the gesture’s morphology —… read more | Article
Cooperrider, Kensy and Rafael Núñez 2009 Across time, across the body: Transversal temporal gesturesGesture 9:2, pp. 181–206
Talk about time is commonly accompanied by co-speech gesture. Though much recent work has looked at how time is construed as space in the languages of the world, few studies have examined temporal gestures in any detail. Our focus is on a particular pattern among American English speakers —… read more | Article
The study of speech-gesture-thought co-production serves multiple purposes, providing deep insight into many areas of investigation that go from psycholinguistics and cognitive linguistics to discourse analysis, and to the neuroscience of motor action and language. In this piece, building on my… read more | Article
Núñez, Rafael 2007 Inferential statistics in the context of empirical cognitive linguisticsMethods in Cognitive Linguistics, Gonzalez-Marquez, Monica, Irene Mittelberg, Seana Coulson and Michael J. Spivey (eds.), pp. 87–118