Steffen Heidinger

List of John Benjamins publications for which Steffen Heidinger plays a role.


Heidinger, Steffen 2018 Chapter 4. Acceptability and frequency in Spanish focus markingFocus Realization in Romance and Beyond, García García, Marco and Melanie Uth (eds.), pp. 99–128
In this paper, we analyze the status and relevance of three syntactic positions for focus marking in Spanish: sentence-initial, sentence-internal, and sentence-final position (as we will only consider constituents with an unmarked linear position that is postverbal and non-final, initial position… read more | Chapter
Heidinger, Steffen 2014 Chapter 5. Fronting and contrastively focused secondary predicates in SpanishLeft Sentence Peripheries in Spanish: Diachronic, Variationist and Comparative Perspectives, Dufter, Andreas and Álvaro S. Octavio de Toledo y Huerta (eds.), pp. 125–154
This paper is about the syntactic position of contrastively focused secondary predicates in Spanish. In the literature, fronting is presented as a possible means to encode contrastive focus in Spanish. Based on data from a production experiment I will show however that fronting is a dispreferred… read more | Chapter