Manuel A. Otero

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Komo (Koman) of Ethiopia has an obligatory paradigm of deictic directional (dd) verb morphology that, among its functions, indicates direction of motion relative to a deictic reference point, associated motion and grammatical aspect when collocated with verb roots of different semantic classes.… read more
Payne, Doris L., Alejandra Vidal and Manuel A. Otero 2018 Chapter 10. Locative, existential and possessive predication in the Chaco: Nivaĉle (Mataguayan) and Pilagá (Guaykuruan)Nonverbal Predication in Amazonian Languages, Overall, Simon E., Rosa Vallejos and Spike Gildea (eds.), pp. 263–294 | Chapter
Nivaĉle (Mataguayan) and Pilagá (Guaykuruan) languages, which geographically overlap in the Argentinian Chaco region of South America, present evidence challenging the often repeated claim that locative predications universally underlie possession predications (Lyons 1967; Jackendoff 1983;… read more