Susan C. Herring

Susan C. Herring

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Media and Language Change

Edited by Susan C. Herring

Special issue of Journal of Historical Pragmatics 4:1 (2003) iv, 159 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics | Pragmatics

Textual Parameters in Older Languages

Edited by Susan C. Herring, Pieter van Reenen and Lene Schøsler

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 195] 2000. x, 448 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Historical linguistics | Pragmatics | Writing and literacy
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


2021. Chapter 4. Interpreting emoji pragmatics. Approaches to Internet Pragmatics: Theory and practice, Xie, Chaoqun, Francisco Yus and Hartmut Haberland (eds.), pp. 107–144
This chapter describes the methods and the overall findings of the Understanding Emoji Survey, which we administered online in early 2018 to determine how social media users interpret the pragmatic functions of popular emoji types in the discourse context of comments posted to public Facebook… read more | Chapter
Herring, Susan C. 2003. Media and Language Change: Introduction. Media and Language Change, Herring, Susan C. (ed.), pp. 1–17
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Herring, Susan C., Pieter van Reenen and Lene Schøsler. 2000. On Textual Parameters and Older Languages. Textual Parameters in Older Languages, Herring, Susan C., Pieter van Reenen and Lene Schøsler (eds.), pp. 1 ff.
Herring, Susan C. and John C. Paolillo. 1995. Focus position in SOV languages. Word Order in Discourse, Downing, Pamela A. and Michael Noonan (eds.), pp. 163–198
This article addresses the question of whether tense markers in Modern Tamil were historically aspectual in function, as Zvelebil (1962) has claimed. The methodological approach employed is that developed by Hopper (1979a, 1979b, 1982) for the analysis of foreground and background in narrative… read more | Article