Michael Herslund

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Dimensions of Possession

Edited by Irène Baron, Michael Herslund and Finn Sørensen

[Typological Studies in Language, 47] 2001. vi, 337 pp.
Subjects Semantics | Syntax | Typology


Herslund, Michael 2008 Articles, definite and indefiniteEssays on Nominal Determination: From morphology to discourse management, Høeg Müller, Henrik and Alex Klinge (eds.), pp. 27–43 | Article
In the Indo-European languages where a definite article exists, it is historically derived from a demonstrative pronoun. The hypothesis of this paper is that the origin of the definite article is the creation of noun phrase structure by the subordination of a noun to a demonstrative pronoun. This… read more
The article gives an introduction to the concept of an independent topological level of description as developped by Danish grammarians. According to this approach topology (the linear ordering of constituents) and syntax (the hierarchical ordering of constituents) constitute two different levels… read more
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