Arienne Dwyer

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Lessons from Documented Endangered Languages

Edited by K. David Harrison, David S. Rood and Arienne Dwyer

[Typological Studies in Language, 78] 2008. vi, 375 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics | Typology


Dwyer, Arienne 2016 Chapter 8. Ordinary insubordination as transient discourseInsubordination, Evans, Nicholas and Honoré Watanabe (eds.), pp. 183–208 | Article
Insubordination – the conventionalized use of morphologically non-finite forms as finite ones – is an ordinary syntactic event in synchronic spontaneous discourse; it is also an ordinary stage of the grammaticalization of non-finite clauses as finite ones. This chapter explores the morphosyntactic… read more
Dwyer, Arienne 2010 Models of successful collaborationLanguage Documentation: Practice and values, Grenoble, Lenore A. and N. Louanna Furbee (eds.), pp. 193–212 | Article
This chapter uses case studies to develop a model of productive collaborative research. In contrast to the privileged position academician-researchers may accord themselves, true collaborations recognize full agency in all key participants and attempt to align their disparate aims. More than in the… read more
Dwyer, Arienne 2008 Tonogenesis in Southeastern Monguor.Lessons from Documented Endangered Languages, Harrison, K. David, David S. Rood and Arienne Dwyer (eds.), pp. 111–128 | Article
As the result of language contact in the northern Tibetan region, one variety of the Mongolic language Monguor (ISO 639-3: MJG) realizes prosodic accent as a rising pitch contour. Furthermore, a small number of homophones have come to be distinguished by tonal contour. Although at least two Turkic… read more
Harrison, K. David, David S. Rood and Arienne Dwyer 2008 A world of many voices: Editors' introductionLessons from Documented Endangered Languages, Harrison, K. David, David S. Rood and Arienne Dwyer (eds.), pp. 1–12 | Miscellaneous