Eric A. Anchimbe

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Subjects Discourse studies | English linguistics | Multilingualism | Pragmatics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language policy | Multilingualism | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Anchimbe, Eric A. 2020 Chapter 13. Naming food in English in multilingual CameroonTalking about Food: The social and the global in eating communities, Rüdiger, Sofia and Susanne Mühleisen (eds.), pp. 257–276 | Chapter
Naming food in a nativised variety of English in a densely multilingual context like Cameroon is a complex phenomenon. This is because certain foods or dishes carry sociocultural significations that may be lost or altered if their original names are translated or abandoned for others. Using data… read more
Using political discourses produced from below, i.e. by the common people in Cameroon rather than by prominent politicians, this chapter illustrates how the social act of thanking is realised in the written political discourse sub-genre called ‘motions of support’. These are letters read on radio… read more
Anchimbe, Eric A. 2012 Private dialogue in public space: ‘Motions of support’ letters as response 
to political actionDialogue in Politics, Berlin, Lawrence N. and Anita Fetzer (eds.), pp. 127–148 | Article
The writing of ‘motions of support’ (in French, ‘motions de soutien’), has become a regular practice in politics not only in Cameroon but in much of French-speaking Africa. ‘Motions of support’ are open letters written by members of political parties, elite associations, regional administrative… read more
The eve of the ongoing Iraq war was a decisive moment for world leaders since they, given American pressure, had to choose between being with US or with the enemies. It meant treading on potentially threatening issues that could harm inter-national alliances and friendships. This paper illustrates… read more