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Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching | Multilingualism

Policy and practice in early language learning

Edited by Janet Enever and Patricia Driscoll

[AILA Review, 32] 2019. iv, 186 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics


Enever, Janet 2023 EditorialLanguage Teaching for Young Learners 5:1, pp. 1–6 | Editorial
Enever, Janet 2022 EditorialLanguage Teaching for Young Learners 4:1, pp. 1–3 | Editorial
Gheitasi, Parvin and Janet Enever 2022 Formulaic time buyers for young foreign language learnersLanguage Teaching for Young Learners 4:1, pp. 66–91 | Article
Multiword units of language, known as formulaic sequences, are pervasive and essential in communication (Wray, 2008). Although issues related to formulaicity have been under investigation in a number of research studies (e.g. Conklin & Schmitt, 2008; Wood, 2006), the present study is different… read more
This paper reviews patterns of primary foreign language policy across the world, analysing the development of policy and subsequent implementation processes with reference to the particular local histories and current politics at regional, national and supranational levels of governance. In… read more
Enever, Janet 2020 EditorialNational foreign language policies for primary schools: Global perspectives, Enever, Janet (ed.), pp. 157–161 | Editorial
Enever, Janet 2019 Looking beyond the local: Equity as a global concern in Early Language LearningPolicy and practice in early language learning, Enever, Janet and Patricia Driscoll (eds.), pp. 10–35 | Article
Around the world, the popularity of English has escalated, particularly at the primary school level (Butler, 2015), yet provision of sufficient qualified teacher expertise to meet demand continues to be inadequate. The OECD report on Equity and Quality in Education reports that: “The highest… read more
Enever, Janet and Patricia Driscoll 2019 IntroductionPolicy and practice in early language learning, Enever, Janet and Patricia Driscoll (eds.), pp. 1–9 | Introduction