Vicent Salvador

Vicent Salvador

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Book series


Discourses on the Edges of Life

Edited by Vicent Salvador, Adéla Kotátková and Ignasi Clemente

Subjects Discourse studies | Narrative Studies | Philosophy | Pragmatics | Theoretical literature & literary studies


Salvador, Vicent. 2023. Conditionality and the verbal mood in Spanish phraseological units. Verb and Context: The impact of shared knowledge on TAME categories, Rodríguez Rosique, Susana and Jordi M. Antolí Martínez (eds.), pp. 291–306
Conditional constructions establish a relationship between two semantic representations that is situated halfway causality and concessiveness. Causation corresponds to the actual motivation of an effect, while concessiveness can be understood mainly as an inefficient causality. In theory,… read more | Chapter
Salvador, Vicent and Irene Mira. 2020. The scenography of death in contemporary poetry: The case of Vicent Andrés Estellés. Discourses on the Edges of Life, Salvador, Vicent, Adéla Kotátková and Ignasi Clemente (eds.), pp. 167–178
From the perspective of new studies on spatiality, which favours the concept of place (as opposed to the broader concept of space), representations of death are linked to specific places that are typical of each culture. In our current culture, places such as the sanatorium, the hospital, the dying… read more | Chapter
Salvador, Vicent, Adéla Kotátková and Ignasi Clemente. 2020. Presentation: Discourses on death and dying. Discourses on the Edges of Life, Salvador, Vicent, Adéla Kotátková and Ignasi Clemente (eds.), pp. 1–8
The biographical speech has historically carried out different roles: to serve as a chronicle of memorable facts, to praise monarchs, to use it as an educational or moral tool, etc. In the field of the humanistic medicine, as in the case of the Spanish doctor Gregorio Marañón, the pathography can… read more | Article
Salvador, Vicent. 2010. Literary language and diatopic variation: Catalan literary cultures. A Comparative History of Literatures in the Iberian Peninsula: Volume I, Cabo Aseguinolaza, Fernando, Anxo Abuín González and César Domínguez (eds.), pp. 429–444