Mònica Sanz-Torrent

List of John Benjamins publications for which Mònica Sanz-Torrent plays a role.


Andreu, Llorenç, Nadia Ahufinger, Laura Ferinu, Fernanda Pacheco, Roser Colomé and Mònica Sanz-Torrent 2019 Real-time comprehension of sentences in children with SLI: Evidence from eye movementsAtypical Language Development in Romance Languages, Aguilar-Mediavilla, Eva, Lucía Buil-Legaz, Raúl López-Penadés, Victor A. Sanchez-Azanza and Daniel Adrover-Roig (eds.), pp. 143–166
Verbs play an essential role in enabling sentences to be interpreted rapidly in real time. The objective of this work is to investigate how verb information is used during real-time comprehension of sentences in Spanish. Twenty-five children (aged 5.3–8.2 years) with specific language impairment… read more | Chapter
Serrat, Elisabet, Mònica Sanz-Torrent, Sara Feijoo, Silvia Maria Chireac and Joseph Hilferty 2012 Acquiring verbs in Spanish: An evaluation of two proposalsReview of Cognitive Linguistics 10:1, pp. 133–155
The objective of the present study focuses on exploring two proposals about the acquisition of the grammatical category of verb. On the one hand, the study aims at analyzing whether the acquisition of a given mass of verbal lexical items occurs before the emergence of productive verbal morphology.… read more | Article