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ISSN 0176-4225 | E-ISSN 1569-9714


Variation, Change, and Phonological Theory

Edited by Frans L. Hinskens, Roeland van Hout and W. Leo Wetzels

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 146] 1997. x, 314 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics | Phonology | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Hinskens, Frans L. 2024 PrefaceThe Continuity of Linguistic Change: Selected papers in honour of Juan Andrés Villena-Ponsoda, Vida-Castro, Matilde and Antonio Manuel Ávila-Muñoz (eds.), pp. vii–x | Miscellaneous
This is a study of variable s-palatalisation in Turkish and Moroccan ethnolectal Dutch, with special attention to its social distribution. Following a discussion of the phenomenon of ethnolectal variation, this chapter introduces the Roots of Ethnolects project as well as the present sub-study.… read more
Two studies of processes of dialect levelling are presented. The first one concerns a divergent local Limburg dialect of Dutch. The second study concerns 15 local Hollandic dialects, spoken in the northwestern corner of the country. Whereas the Limburg study is based on data from the author’s… read more
Smith, Norval and Frans L. Hinskens 2020 Pottefers Cant, Groenstraat Bargoens, and the development of “have” and “be” in the wider context of contactAdvances in Contact Linguistics: In honour of Pieter Muysken, Smith, Norval, Tonjes Veenstra and Enoch O. Aboh (eds.), pp. 283–338 | Chapter
Our article falls into two parts. In the first part we compare two “secret” or replacive Dutch languages, Potteferstaal (Pot-repairers language) and Groenstraat Bargoens (Groenstraat cant), which developed in and around eastern Belgium and the southeastern fringe of the Netherlands, respectively. read more
Hinskens, Frans L. 2019 Chapter 2. Of clocks, clouds and sound changeLanguage Variation - European Perspectives VII: Selected papers from the Ninth International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE 9), Malaga, June 2017, Villena-Ponsoda, Juan-Andrés, Francisco Díaz Montesinos, Antonio Manuel Ávila-Muñoz and Matilde Vida-Castro (eds.), pp. 27–52 | Chapter
The study of sound change has evolved from a heuristic tool for 19th century comparative historical reconstruction into the backbone of the rigid approach to language change developed by the Neogrammarians. In the course of the 20th and early 21st century it has become the main meeting point for a… read more
The paper opens with a discussion of some key notions; in this connection a proposal is made to distinguish two different types of hyperdialectism. Subsequently, a two-pronged hypothesis and a methodological consideration are presented. Attention will then be paid to four different studies of… read more
Hinskens, Frans L. 2013 Four decades of study of synchronic variation in varieties of Dutch. A sketchLinguistic Superdiversity in Urban Areas: Research approaches, Duarte, Joana and Ingrid Gogolin (eds.), pp. 227–252 | Article
This contribution addresses three of the most influential general tendencies in the recent history of the linguistic study of synchronic language variation in the Dutch language area: the social turn, the re-orientation on theoretical debates in linguistics and, thirdly, the improvement and… read more
Hinskens, Frans L. 2011 Emerging Moroccan and Turkish varieties of Dutch: Ethnolects or ethnic styles?Ethnic Styles of Speaking in European Metropolitan Areas, Kern, Friederike and Margret Selting (eds.), pp. 101–129 | Article
Large-scale immigration, which resulted either from the processes of decolonization or from labour migration, led to the development of new ethnolectal varieties of Dutch. Following a brief discussion concerning the definition of this notion and a modest survey of the relevant literature (both… read more
The so-called Goeman-Taeldeman-Van Reenen Project (GTRP) consists of a large online database of 613 local dialects of Dutch on the basis of which the phonologies of these dialects can be systematically compared. In this paper we present a quantitative investigation of an aspect of the reliability… read more
Weijer, Jeroen van de and Frans L. Hinskens 2004 On segmental complexity: Affricates and patterns of segmental modification in consonant inventoriesLinguistics in the Netherlands 2004, Cornips, Leonie and Jenny Doetjes (eds.), pp. 217–228 | Article
Hinskens, Frans L. and Jeroen van de Weijer 2003 Patterns of segmental modification in consonant inventories: Contrastive vs. redundant systems and phonology vs. phoneticsLinguistics in the Netherlands 2003, Cornips, Leonie and Paula Fikkert (eds.), pp. 71–81 | Article
Hinskens, Frans L. 2001 8. Koineization and creole genesis: Remarks on Jeff Siegel’s contributionCreolization and Contact, Smith, Norval and Tonjes Veenstra (eds.), pp. 199 ff. | Article
Hinskens, Frans L., Roeland van Hout and W. Leo Wetzels 1997 Balancing Data and Theory in the Study of Phonological Variation and ChangeVariation, Change, and Phonological Theory, Hinskens, Frans L., Roeland van Hout and W. Leo Wetzels (eds.), pp. 1–33 | Article
Hinskens, Frans L. and Cefas G. Th. van Rossem 1996 The Negerhollands Word sender in Eighteenth-Century ManuscriptsThe Early Stages of Creolization, Arends, Jacques (ed.), pp. 63 ff. | Article