Agnieszka Doczekalska

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Doczekalska, Agnieszka. 2023. Legal terms, concepts and definitions in the transposition of EU law. Handbook of Terminology: Volume 3, Biel, Łucja and Hendrik J. Kockaert (eds.), pp. 310–326
Definitions play an important role in national and EU legal acts. This paper tackles the role of definitions in the transposition process during which national legislation is drafted to achieve the results described in EU directives. Seven models of term/concept transfer from EU law into… read more | Chapter
The objective of this paper is to analyse how European Union (EU) supranational terms related to consumer protection transfer into domestic legal systems of three English-language jurisdictions (the UK, Ireland and Malta) during the transposition of EU directives. Transposition is a process of… read more | Article