Kyung Hye Kim

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Audiovisual translation in the age of streaming

Edited by Jinsil Choi, Kyung Hye Kim and Jonathan Evans

Special issue of Target 35:3 (2023) v, 164 pp.
Subjects Translation Studies


Choi, Jinsil, Kyung Hye Kim and Jonathan Evans 2023 Translation and streaming in a changing worldAudiovisual translation in the age of streaming, Choi, Jinsil, Kyung Hye Kim and Jonathan Evans (eds.), pp. 319–330 | Review article
Choi, Jinsil, Kyung Hye Kim and Jonathan Evans 2022 Translating code-switching in the colonial context: Park Chan-wook’s The HandmaidenTranslation and Interpreting Studies 17:2, pp. 243–263 | Article
Park Chan-wook, one of the most internationally acclaimed Korean filmmakers, uses language as an important aspect of characterization in The Handmaiden, his adaptation of Sarah Water’s novel Fingersmith. The historical background and the characters’ nationalities are changed, but code-switching… read more
This paper analyses postings made by student applicants on Korean online communities about how best to handle interactions with potential future PhD supervisors at UK universities. The questions they posed reveal the lack of relevant contextual information they experienced, especially around the… read more
The concept of ‘individualism’ is central to modern understandings of human behavior and society, yet it is also an example of a “new” concept introduced to Chinese society in the early 1900s. Due to the complex interplay between linguistic, socio-cultural, and ideological factors involved, the… read more
This study examines the ways and extent to which narrative voices encoded in a source text are reframed and mediated through translation. So Far from the Bamboo Grove (Watkins 1986), the personal narrative of an eleven-year-old Japanese girl during the final days of WWII, was used as an… read more