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Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Strikwerda, Jelle, Bregje Holleman and Hans Hoeken 2021 Designing pension communication: Lessons from the medical domainInformation Design Journal 26:3, pp. 260–281 | Article
Pension participants face complex decisions which require them to choose between multiple alternatives that have different consequences, that vary in likelihood, and that often relate to different values. In the medical domain, ample research has been conducted on how to support patients in… read more
Sangers, Nina L., Jacqueline Evers-Vermeul, Ted J.M. Sanders and Hans Hoeken 2020 Vivid elements in Dutch educational textsNarrative Inquiry 30:1, pp. 185–209 | Article
Educational publishers often make their expository texts more vivid, by making them emotionally interesting, concrete and imagery-provoking, and proximate in a sensory, temporal, or spatial way. Previous studies have found mixed results regarding the effects of vividness on the attractiveness,… read more
Hodiamont, Didier, Hans Hoeken and Margot van Mulken 2018 Chapter 7. Conventionality in visual metaphorVisual Metaphor: Structure and process, Steen, Gerard J. (ed.), pp. 163–184 | Chapter
The argument from example is frequently used in health communication interventions. Some of these arguments are narrative in nature, in the sense that they relate a series of logically related events containing an experiencing agonist. In this article, research on narrative persuasion is… read more
Jongenelen, Maaike, Hans Hoeken and Berna Hendriks 2010 Explicit and implicit messages in telehealthHealthcare Information, Simlinger, Peter (ed.), pp. 198–204 | Article
Enschot, Renske van, Hans Hoeken and Margot van Mulken 2008 Rhetoric in advertising: Attitudes towards verbo-pictorial rhetorical figuresInformation Design Journal 16:1, pp. 35–45 | Article
A rhetorical figure (for instance the antithesis in “Come in and find out” in a Dutch perfume ad) communicates an advertising message in an artfully divergent way. Two types of rhetorical figures are frequently distinguished, namely schemes (superficial decorations such as rhyme and alliteration)… read more
Jansen, Carel, Hans Hoeken, Dineke Ehlers and Frans van der Slik 2008 7. Cultural differences in the perceptions of fear and efficacy in South AfricaAdapting Health Communication to Cultural Needs: Optimizing documents in South-African health communication on HIV and AIDS, Swanepoel, Piet and Hans Hoeken (eds.), pp. 107–128 | Article
Recent meta-analyses of HIV/AIDS health communication show that fear appeals have a negative effect on condom use. It has been argued that these negative effects may apply to certain behaviors (condom use) but not to others (e.g., sexual abstinence), and that these negative effects occur for… read more
Document designers are interested in the way in which message features influence the effectiveness of the message. As a result, they are interested in studies in which the effects of message features on, for instance, the persuasiveness of the message are assessed. O’Keefe (2003) provides a… read more
Hoeken, Hans 2003 Advertising and the new media: Research watchDocument Design 4:2, pp. 174–177 | Miscellaneous
Hoeken, Hans 2003 Research watch: Message framing, moods, and emotionsDocument Design 4:3, pp. 269–271 | Article
Hoeken, Hans 2002 Research on web advertisingDocument Design 3:2, pp. 180–183 | Miscellaneous
Hoeken, Hans 2002 Culture and choice of argumentsDocument Design 3:3, pp. 261–263 | Miscellaneous
Hoeken, Hans 2001 8. Convincing citizens: The role of argument qualityReading and Writing Public Documents, Janssen, Daniël and Rob Neutelings (eds.), pp. 147–169 | Chapter
In a democracy, public acceptance of proposed policies is an important determinant of a successful government. Communication plays an important role in ascertaining public acceptance. The government has to convince the public that the proposed policy in the interest of the individual citizen or of… read more
Cultures differ from each other with respect to the relative importance they attach to certain values. Since values play an important role in advertising, it is interesting to study whether appealing to a value that is important in one culture, but not in another culture, is more persuasive in the… read more
Hoeken, Hans 1999 The influence of advertising on buying and experiencing productsDocument Design 1:2, pp. 137–140 | Miscellaneous
Hoeken, Hans 1999 The use of visual and verbal rhetorical figures in advertisingDocument Design 1:3, pp. 225–227 | Miscellaneous
Renkema, Jan, Hans Hoeken and Wilbert Spooren 1999 Editorial: New Horizons in document designDocument Design 1:1, pp. 1–6 | Miscellaneous