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Based on a large dataset of Russian material, the paper presents these general features of the home: a place to spend leisure time containing a long-established group of different ages and sexes free to move about in their environment These factors lead to tension between communicants and a… read more
Mustajoki, Arto, Tatiana Sherstinova and Ulla Tuomarla 2018 Types and functions of pseudo-dialoguesFrom Pragmatics to Dialogue, Weigand, Edda and István Kecskés (eds.), pp. 189–216 | Chapter
In pure dialogues, the speakers address their words to recipients who concentrate on listening, while in pseudo-dialogues the recipients are not able to listen, or prefer not to listen. The speaker may be fully aware of the recipient’s mental absence. The aim of the chapter is to study how… read more
Mustajoki, Arto 2017 Chapter 3. Why is miscommunication more common in everyday life than in lingua franca conversation?Current Issues in Intercultural Pragmatics, Kecskés, István and Stavros Assimakopoulos (eds.), pp. 55–74 | Chapter
This paper tries to find explanations for the controversial observation that there are more cases of miscommunication in everyday than in lingua franca conversation. Besides reasoning related to language, attention is paid to communicative, mental, and psychological factors. The argument pursued is… read more
Combining ideas from different research directions and fields, the paper presents a multidimensional model of communication which enables to explain the risks of communication more comprehensively than before. The process of producing and interpreting speech is described through a message transfer… read more