Kevin Larson

List of John Benjamins publications for which Kevin Larson plays a role.


Semouchkina, Vassilissa, Yeechi Chen, Kevin Larson and Karen Cheng. 2022. “This figure could be better, but how?”: Advancing design critique in STEM research labs. Information Visualization, Meirelles, Isabel, Marian Dörk and Yanni Loukissas (eds.), pp. 85–101
This paper considers whether scientists can improve their visual design abilities by participating in critiques. In design education, a critique is a class session where designers present their work-in-progress and receive feedback from faculty, peers, and invited critics. In this study, we show… read more | Article
Cheng, Karen, Yeechi Chen, Kevin Larson and Marco Rolandi. 2017. Proving the value of visual design in scientific communication. Information Visualization, Meirelles, Isabel and Katherine Gillieson (eds.), pp. 80–95
This study examines how scientists respond to visual design in scientific communications. Specifically, we determine the impact of visual design on the Graphical Abstract (GA), an overview figure that attracts potential readers and visually summarizes what a paper is about. We show that GAs… read more | Article
Some typographers have proposed that typeface familiarity is defined by the amount of time that a reader has been exposed to a typeface design, while other typographers have proposed that familiarity is defined by the commonalities in letter shapes. These two hypotheses were tested by measuring the… read more | Article
Hazlett, Richard L., Kevin Larson, A. Dawn Shaikh and Barbara S. Chaparo. 2013. Two studies on how a typeface congruent with content can enhance onscreen communication. Information Design Journal 20:3, pp. 207–219