Loes Koring

List of John Benjamins publications for which Loes Koring plays a role.


This paper explores the hypothesis that definiteness marking can be used as a tool for the speaker to trigger idiomaticity. In an experiment, we asked participants to produce the content of newly created figurative expressions. The results showed that the manipulation of a single parameter,… read more | Chapter
Koring, Loes 2020 A good-enough representation is not good enoughTypical and Impaired Processing in Morphosyntax, Torrens, Vincent (ed.), pp. 137–152
It has been proposed that language processing invokes extra-grammatical heuristics in addition to, or instead of the computational system (e.g., Townsend & Bever, 2001; Karimi & Ferreira, 2016). The outputs of these extra-grammatical heuristics are called “good-enough” representations. These… read more | Chapter
Koring, Loes and Hans van de Koot 2018 Processing delays: The late reactivation of the argument of unaccusative verbsLinguistics in the Netherlands 2018, Le Bruyn, Bert and Janine Berns (eds.), pp. 65–78
An eye-tracking experiment using the Visual World Paradigm (VWP) shows that in on-line sentence processing in English the argument of an unaccusative verb reactivates late after verb offset. In contrast to previous studies, this VWP experiment establishes the exact time course of this effect, which… read more | Article