Igor Antônio Lourenço da Silva

List of John Benjamins publications for which Igor Antônio Lourenço da Silva plays a role.


Verbal protocols were extensively used in the very infancy of translation process research. However, it seems that they have failed to stand many of their criticisms, as they now represent a secondary method for eliciting data in the field, especially after technological developments, such as… read more
da Silva, Igor Antônio Lourenço, Márcia Schmaltz, Fabio Alves, Adriana Pagano, Derek Wong, Lidia Chao, Ana Luísa V. Leal, Paulo Quaresma and Caio Garcia 2015 Translating and Post-Editing in the Chinese-Portuguese Language Pair: Insights from an Exploratory Study of Key Logging and Eye TrackingTranslation as a cognitive activity, Alves, Fabio, Amparo Hurtado Albir and Isabel Lacruz (eds.), pp. 145–169 | Article
Alves, Fabio, Adriana Pagano and Igor Antônio Lourenço da Silva 2014 Effortful text production in translation: A study of grammatical (de)metaphorization drawing on product and process dataThe Development of Professional Competence, Ehrensberger-Dow, Maureen, Birgitta Englund Dimitrova and Séverine Hubscher-Davidson (eds.), pp. 25–51 | Article
This article analyzes data generated by the combined use of keylogging and eye tracking to examine grammatical (de)metaphorization as a case of explicitation/implicitation (Steiner 2001). It also aims at investigating effortful text production from the perspective of automaticity and monitoring in… read more