Wendy Ayres-Bennett

List of John Benjamins publications for which Wendy Ayres-Bennett plays a role.

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Ayres-Bennett, Wendy 2023 Modelant l’estandardització: Tendències actuals i emergentsDesired Language: Languages as objects of national ideology, Feliu, Francesc (ed.), pp. 189–201 | Chapter
In this chapter, I outline certain developments in work on standardization since the turn of this century that has challenged traditional thinking on modelling standardization. From the 2000s, there has been a proliferation of publications and approaches, whether focusing on the linguistic,… read more
Ayres-Bennett, Wendy 2016 Codification and prescription in linguistic standardisation: Myths and modelsConstructing Languages: Norms, myths and emotions, Feliu, Francesc and Josep M. Nadal (eds.), pp. 99–129 | Article
This paper aims to contribute to the field of “comparative standardology”, arguing that it is only through the adoption of a comparative perspective that certain myths about the process of standardisation can be dispelled. In particular, I will consider what light recent work on English and German… read more
This paper examines the extent to which the characterisation of seventeenth-century France as the archetypal period of prescriptivism and rigid codification is justified. The major normative texts are presented, as are the sources currently available for comparing their pronouncements with… read more
My aim in this paper is to examine how and why metaphors are used in cer­tain metalinguistic texts. In particular I wish to ex­plore the extent to which they help the reader to understand the key ideas and ar­guments of the work by relating them to other fields of interest. read more
It is commonly stated that metalinguistic texts reflect the historical, social and intellectual context in which they are produced. In this article the author examines how later readings of ‘classic’ texts can both reflect the changing concerns of the time and colour subsequent readings of those… read more