Sterre Leufkens

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Linguistics in the Netherlands 2022

Edited by Jorrig Vogels and Sterre Leufkens

[Linguistics in the Netherlands, 39] 2022. iv, 294 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics


Suijkerbuijk, Michelle, Sterre Leufkens and Marten van der Meulen. 2022. De dochter doet een powernap: Definite article possessives with kinship terms in Dutch. Linguistics in the Netherlands 2022, Vogels, Jorrig and Sterre Leufkens (eds.), pp. 192–208
While kinship relations in Dutch are usually introduced by a possessive determiner, Twitter users have recently been observed to use a definite article in that position. To learn more about the characteristics of this construction, we performed an exploratory investigation of the definite… read more | Article
Vogels, Jorrig and Sterre Leufkens. 2022. Foreword. Linguistics in the Netherlands 2022, Vogels, Jorrig and Sterre Leufkens (eds.), p. 
In this article I propose that creoles are relatively transparent compared to their source languages. This means that they display more one-to-one relations between meaning and form. Transparency should be distinguished from the concepts of simplicity, ease of acquisition, and regularity.… read more | Article
Leufkens, Sterre. 2013. Time reference in English indirect speech. Casebook in Functional Discourse Grammar, Mackenzie, J. Lachlan and Hella Olbertz (eds.), pp. 189–212
When a quotation is syntactically embedded in English, there are repercussions for temporal reference: absolute referential elements have to shift to the new deictic centre. Absolute adverbials must be adapted, dropped or replaced by relative elements. Tense undergoes so-called sequence of tenses… read more | Article