Chase Wesley Raymond

List of John Benjamins publications for which Chase Wesley Raymond plays a role.



This paper introduces the DMC Corpus – a newly collected dataset of 150 mundane cell phone calls from Mainland China in Mandarin Chinese (audio and detailed transcripts) – which is now publicly available for use in research and teaching. In this report, we first describe the constitution and… read more | Article
Raymond, Chase Wesley 2023 Chapter 8. Code-switching, agency, and the answer possibility space of Spanish-English bilingualsResponding to Polar Questions across Languages and Contexts, Bolden, Galina B., John Heritage and Marja-Leena Sorjonen (eds.), pp. 239–271
The present study addresses the implicit monolingual bias in our understanding of polar question-answer sequences by examining them in bilingual conversation. Drawing upon a corpus of naturally-occurring conversational data amongst native Spanish-English bilinguals in the southwestern United… read more | Chapter
This paper offers some reflections on the study of morphology – broadly speaking, ‘word formation’ – as a participants’ resource in social interaction. I begin by calling attention to morphology as a comparatively underexamined component of linguistic structure by conversation analysts and… read more | Article
Thompson, Sandra A., Barbara A. Fox and Chase Wesley Raymond 2021 The grammar of proposals for joint activitiesInteractional Linguistics 1:1, pp. 123–151
The action of proposing has been studied from various perspectives in research on talk-in-interaction, both in mundane as well as in institutional talk. Aiming to exemplify Interactional Linguistics as a drawing together of insights from Linguistics and Conversation Analysis, we explore the grammar… read more | Article
While much is known about noun phrases from morphosyntactic and typological perspectives, the study of nominal elements in interaction is just beginning. We contribute to this new area by exploring the interactional functions of the Spanish indefinite determiner ningún (‘any’, ‘no’) in the formula… read more | Chapter
Raymond, Chase Wesley 2018 Chapter 3. Bueno-, pues-, and bueno-pues-prefacing in Spanish conversationBetween Turn and Sequence: Turn-initial particles across languages, Heritage, John and Marja-Leena Sorjonen (eds.), pp. 59–96
This chapter reports on two turn-initial particles in Spanish: bueno and pues. While previous research has equated both of these to well-prefacing in English in that they project “unexpectedness”, here the aim is to explicate the distinct interactional work that each particle performs. Focusing on… read more | Chapter
Raymond, Chase Wesley 2016 Reconceptualizing identity and context in the deployment of forms of addressForms of Address in the Spanish of the Americas, Moyna, María Irene and Susana Rivera-Mills (eds.), pp. 267–288
This methodological study uses naturally occurring interaction to examine the roles of identity and context in the selection of forms of address in Spanish. While many previous investigations have taken the stance that these aspects of interactions and speakers are static or fixed, the present… read more | Article