José Mateo

List of John Benjamins publications for which José Mateo plays a role.


The current economic and financial crisis apart from impoverishing many countries has paradoxically enriched language by coining a multitude of new terms to explain and define the new situation. However, due to different cognitive, terminological and socio-pragmatic constraints, many of these… read more | Article
The aim of this paper is to explain the use of insults from a relevance-theoretic perspective. To that end, our analysis takes into consideration four variables that, we believe, play a major role in how insults are produced an interpreted: (a) the conventional or innovative nature of the insult;… read more | Article
A l'heure actuelle, la majorité des traductions sont effectuées dans un but technique et on considère en général que ce type de traduction est particulièrement facile. Pourtant, il suffit de lire des traductions de mode d'emploi, d'annonces publicitaires techniques, etc., pour se rendre compte que… read more | Article