Josine Schrickx

List of John Benjamins publications for which Josine Schrickx plays a role.


Schrickx, Josine 2017 Chapter 11. Polar questions in Latin with and without the enclitic particle -nePragmatic Approaches to Latin and Ancient Greek, Denizot, Camille and Olga Spevak (eds.), pp. 235–256 | Chapter
The Latin enclitic particle -ne, which may be of an affirmative origin, is an optional focusing particle of polar questions, which in Latin can also occur without any particle. To analyse polar questions I have distinguished four groups of questions in the comedies of Plautus and Terence, according… read more
Schrickx, Josine 2014 Latin commitment-markers: scilicet and videlicetCertainty-uncertainty – and the Attitudinal Space in Between, Cantarini, Sibilla, Werner Abraham and Elisabeth Leiss (eds.), pp. 285–296 | Article
This paper gives an analysis of the Latin ‘commitment-markers’ scilicet and videlicet with the help of the research of Simon-Vandenbergen and Aijmer (2007) on English modal adverbs and Nuyts (esp. 2001) on modality and commitment. On the basis of distributional differences and translation networks… read more