Cristina Suárez-Gómez

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World Englishes: New theoretical and methodological considerations

Edited by Elena Seoane and Cristina Suárez-Gómez

[Varieties of English Around the World, G57] 2016. viii, 285 pp.
Subjects English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology | Theoretical linguistics


In this study we examine elaboration, compression and explicitness in academic and popular writing in an Outer Circle variety of English, that of Hong-Kong, as represented in the International Corpus of English corpus. As Biber and Gray (2016) show, contemporary academic discourse is structurally… read more
The present paper explores structural nativization in relative clauses in three varieties of English (India, Hong Kong, and Singapore Englishes). All three of these emerged as the consequence of British colonization, developed as varieties through educational systems, and are now consolidating as… read more
Seoane, Elena and Cristina Suárez-Gómez 2013 The expression of the perfect in East and South-East Asian EnglishesEnglish World-Wide 34:1, pp. 1–25 | Article
This paper looks at variation in the expression of perfect meaning in Asian Englishes (Hong Kong, India, Singapore and the Philippines) as represented in the spoken component of the International Corpus of English. Findings confirm the existence of levelling between the present perfect and simple… read more
ME is widely known as “par excellence, the dialectal phase of English” (Strang 1970: 224). It is therefore not at all surprising that the linguistic differences among dialects in ME have long attracted the attention of scholars. It is generally assumed that northern dialects innovate mainly due to… read more