Katarina Rasulić

List of John Benjamins publications for which Katarina Rasulić plays a role.


This chapter explores the role of conceptual metaphor and metonymy in the framing of Kosovo in the Serbian political discourse related to the EU-mediated negotiations on the normalization of Serbia–Kosovo relations. The analysis, set against the theoretical background of cognitive linguistics,… read more | Chapter
Bogetić, Ksenija, Andrijana Broćić and Katarina Rasulić. 2019. Chapter 10. Linguistic metaphor identification in Serbian. Metaphor Identification in Multiple Languages: MIPVU around the world, Nacey, Susan, Aletta G. Dorst, Tina Krennmayr and W. Gudrun Reijnierse (eds.), pp. 203–226
Rasulić, Katarina. 2017. A metaphor biangle: Raymond W. Gibbs, Jr. and Gerard J. Steen. Metaphor in Religion and Spirituality, Pihlaja, Stephen (ed.), pp. 130–151
This paper explores the polysemy of English and Serbian temperature adjectives from a cognitive linguistic perspective. After a global overview of the adjectival categorisation of the temperature domain in the two languages, the pertinent semantic extensions are analysed and compared with regard to… read more | Article