Barbara M. Horvath

List of John Benjamins publications for which Barbara M. Horvath plays a role.


Horvath, Barbara M. and Ronald J. Horvath 2001 Short A in Australian English: a geolinguistic studyEnglish in Australia, Blair, David and Peter Collins (eds.), pp. 341 ff.
The English of bilingual Cajuns living in southern Louisiana has been described as an accented variety of English, the result of interference from French. In order to investigate this proposition, we present a variationist study of four features of Cajun English: 1) the interdental fricatives /th,… read more | Article
Borowsky, Toni and Barbara M. Horvath 1997 L-Vocalization in Australian EnglishVariation, Change, and Phonological Theory, Hinskens, Frans L., Roeland van Hout and W. Leo Wetzels (eds.), pp. 101–123
Horvath, Barbara M. 1997 An empirical study of textual structure: horse race callsTowards a Social Science of Language: Papers in honor of William Labov, Guy, Gregory R., Crawford Feagin, Deborah Schiffrin and John Baugh (eds.), pp. 103 ff.
Horvath, Barbara M. 1987 Varbrul analysis in applied linguistics: A case studyAustralian Applied Language Studies, McNamara, Tim F. (ed.), pp. 59–67
VARBRUL analysis is a well known technique used in sociolinguistics for the analysis of variable linguistic phenomena and it is suggested that it would also be useful as a tool in Applied Linguistics. A VARBRUL analysis was undertaken of the placement of students of non-English speaking background… read more | Article