Takuya Nakamura

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French sentence structure N faire de N N is shown to present a three-way ambiguity, according to the use of the verb faire: ordinary transitive and support (or light) faire constitute a transitive structure, but the third one, “causative operator faire”, makes a peculiar one in which a direct… read more
In this preliminary descriptive research, taking one French verb (expliquer), we explore syntactic possibilities of argument realization. For this verb, at least four types of syntactic constructions are specified for a fixed set of semantic arguments.
 When the direct object is realized as a NP… read more
Nakamura, Takuya 2008 La structure des interrogatives partielles directes et indirectes25th Lexis and Grammar Conference, Mirto, Ignazio Mauro (ed.), pp. 273–284 | Article