Adolfo M. García

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Cognitive Translation and Interpreting Studies in the Early Twenty First Century

Edited by Adolfo M. García, Edinson Muñoz and Néstor Singer

Special issue of Translation, Cognition & Behavior 6:2 (2023) v, 168 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Cognitive psychology | Interpreting | Neuropsychology | Translation Studies


García, Adolfo M., Edinson Muñoz and Néstor Singer 2023 Cognitive translation and interpreting studies in the early twenty first centuryCognitive Translation and Interpreting Studies in the Early Twenty First Century, García, Adolfo M., Edinson Muñoz and Néstor Singer (eds.), pp. 109–117
This piece introduces a lifespan perspective on cognitive changes associated with sustained practice of simultaneous interpreting. First, I briefly describe the elevated demands posed by this activity in training and work settings. Second, I argue that a broad lifespan perspective on it requires… read more | Article
Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) has long been characterized by its openness towards contributions from other fields. However, it has remained virtually uninformed by neuroscience. Such a disconnection has become all the more unfortunate since SFL ventured into the cognitive domain (Halliday &… read more | Article
García, Adolfo M., Ezequiel Mikulan and Agustín Ibáñez 2016 A neuroscientific toolkit for translation studiesReembedding Translation Process Research, Muñoz Martín, Ricardo (ed.), pp. 21–46
Cognitive approaches in translation studies have long incorporated methods from other fields, including linguistics, psychology, and computer science. Despite their major contributions, such approaches are mostly uninformative about the neural systems in which translation and interpreting processes… read more | Article
This paper reviews psycholinguistic research on lexical translation equivalents to show how accumulating evidence constrained successive models of interlingual processing. Three stages are identified in the development of the field. First, in the foundational era, three initial models of… read more | Article
The ‘interpreter advantage hypothesis’ posits that task-specific cognitive skills developed by professional interpreters (PIs) generalize to more efficient linguistic and executive abilities in non-interpreting tasks. This paper reviews relevant studies in order to establish preliminary data… read more | Article
The purpose of this paper is twofold: on the one hand, it seeks to introduce and explain the CIS (Circumscribed Infinites Scheme), a deconstructive scheme for translating poetry; and, on the other, it aims at analyzing the scheme’s impact on the translation into English of a variety of poems by… read more | Article