Yong-Taek Kim

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Izutsu, Mitsuko Narita, Katsunobu Izutsu and Yong-Taek Kim 2023 Chapter 6. The final-appendage construction in Japanese and Korean: To what extent is post-predicative position exploited in the two East Asian languages?Different Slants on Grammaticalization, Hancil, Sylvie and Vittorio Tantucci (eds.), pp. 147–175 | Chapter
Japanese and Korean are both predicate-final (OV) languages with relatively flexible constituent order. However, our analysis of parallel texts (Japanese novels and their Korean translations) demonstrates that the two languages differ in the exploitability of post-predicative position. Korean has… read more
This paper presents a discourse-pragmatic analysis of event conceptions with an accusative-, dative-, and comitative-marked participant and thereby accounts for somewhat irregular accusative marking in Korean and Japanese. The three cases can basically be analyzed as serving to mark participants… read more