Peggy Speas

List of John Benjamins publications for which Peggy Speas plays a role.


Speas, Peggy 2010 Evidentials as generalized functional headsEdges, Heads, and Projections: Interface properties, Di Sciullo, Anna Maria and Virginia Hill (eds.), pp. 127–150
This paper proposes that grammaticized evidential morphemes do not simply encode evidence type (as it has been stipulated so far); rather, they encode relations among three situations: the situation of which a proposition is true, a Reference Situation and the Discourse Situation. Evidentials… read more | Article
Speas, Peggy and Carol L. Tenny 2003 Configurational properties of point of view rolesAsymmetry in Grammar: Volume 1: Syntax and semantics, Di Sciullo, Anna Maria (ed.), pp. 315–344