José Ignacio Hualde

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Towards a History of the Basque Language

Edited by José Ignacio Hualde, Joseba A. Lakarra and R.L. Trask

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 131] 1995. v, 365 pp.
Subjects Basque linguistics | Historical linguistics

Generative Studies in Basque Linguistics

Edited by José Ignacio Hualde and Jon Ortiz de Urbina

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 105] 1993. vi, 334 pp.
Subjects Basque linguistics | Generative linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Pérez-Saldanya, Manuel and José Ignacio Hualde 2022 Chapter 3. The discourse particle es que in Spanish and in other Iberian languagesDiscourse Particles: Syntactic, semantic, pragmatic and historical aspects, Artiagoitia, Xabier, Arantzazu Elordieta and Sergio Monforte (eds.), pp. 65–98
We examine the historical reanalysis of the Spanish sequence es que (lit. ‘is that’) as a discourse particle with justificatory and even purely emphatic functions. We argue that the diachronic process involved first the appearance of non-coindexed pro as subject of the copula es ‘is’ and, at a… read more | Chapter
The sound change from Latin /f/ to Old Spanish and Gascon /h/ has often been attributed to stratal influence from Basque. The motivation would be that Old Basque lacked /f/, and instead had a phoneme /h/, with which bilingual speakers replaced it when speaking in Romance. However, this hypothesis… read more | Article
Pérez-Saldanya, Manuel and José Ignacio Hualde 2018 Chapter 10. Recurrent processes in the evolution of concessive subordinators in Spanish and CatalanStudies in Historical Ibero-Romance Morpho-Syntax, Bouzouita, Miriam, Ioanna Sitaridou and Enrique Pato (eds.), pp. 223–248
Concessive conjunctions show a tendency to be often recycled and replaced along certain specific grammaticalisation patterns. Here, after examining those general properties of concessive conjunctions that explain their historical instability, we focus on the history of two such elements in Spanish… read more | Chapter
Hualde, José Ignacio 2016 On Basque dialectsMicroparameters in the Grammar of Basque, Fernández, Beatriz and Jon Ortiz de Urbina (eds.), pp. 15–36
This chapter offers an overview of geographical variation in Basque. After discussing several proposals for the classification of Basque dialects, the main phenomena showing dialectal variation are introduced. Variation in morphosyntactic features, nominal inflection, verbal inflection,… read more | Article
Hualde, José Ignacio 2016 Foreword: Fundamental issues in Ibero-Romance intonational researchIntonational Grammar in Ibero-Romance: Approaches across linguistic subfields, Armstrong, Meghan E., Nicholas Henriksen and Maria del Mar Vanrell (eds.), pp. xiii–xxii
The lenition of intervocalic consonants is typically phonologized in sound change only within word domains. At first blush, this morphological restriction might seem to contradict the Neogrammarian hypothesis of exclusively phonetic conditioning in sound change. In this paper I examine the… read more | Article
Hualde, José Ignacio, Marianna Nadeu and Miquel Simonet 2010 Lenition and phonemic contrast in Majorcan CatalanRomance Linguistics 2009: Selected papers from the 39th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), Tucson, Arizona, March 2009, Colina, Sonia, Antxon Olarrea and Ana Maria Carvalho (eds.), pp. 63–80
It has been claimed that in Majorcan Catalan /b/ tends to be realized as a stop in contexts where Central Catalan /b/ has approximant realizations. Here we test this claim using two continuous dimensions that we take as acoustic correlates of degree of constriction. We also examine the relative… read more | Article
We present acoustic evidence bearing on the articulation of the palatal nasal consonants in Portuguese and Spanish. We outline the etymological origins of these consonants, some of which are shared by the two languages. One class of Portuguese palatal nasals arose from a nasalized palatal… read more | Article
Hualde, José Ignacio and Armin Schwegler 2008 Intonation in PalenqueroJournal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 23:1, pp. 1–31
The least understood aspect of Palenquero phonology is its intonational system. This is a serious gap, as it is precisely in the realm of prosody that the most striking phonological differences between Palenquero and (Caribbean) Spanish are apparent. Although several authors have speculated that… read more | Article
Hualde, José Ignacio and Koldo Zuazo 2007 The standardization of the Basque languageLanguage Problems and Language Planning 31:2, pp. 143–168
The standardization process of the Basque language presents some unusual characteristics. Although some of the first authors to publish in Basque in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries explicitly remarked on the difficulties brought about by dialectal diversity, very little progress in the… read more | Article
Hualde, José Ignacio 1999 Pre-Basque PlosivesGrammatical Analyses in Basque and Romance Linguistics: Papers in honor of Mario Saltarelli, Franco, Jon A., Alazne Landa and Juan Martín (eds.), pp. 77 ff.
Hualde, José Ignacio 1995 Reconstructing the ancient Basque accentual system: hypotheses and evidenceTowards a History of the Basque Language, Hualde, José Ignacio, Joseba A. Lakarra and R.L. Trask (eds.), pp. 171 ff.
Hualde, José Ignacio 1993 Topics in Souletin PhonologyGenerative Studies in Basque Linguistics, Hualde, José Ignacio and Jon Ortiz de Urbina (eds.), pp. 289–327
Hualde, José Ignacio 1993 On The Historical Origin of Basque AccentuationDiachronica 10:1, pp. 13–50
SUMMARY From a diachronic point of view, the study of Basque accentuation presents the problem of accounting for the very different accentual systems that are found nowadays within the Basque-speaking territory. Whereas in a large central area there is no contrastive word accent, systems with… read more | Article
Hualde, José Ignacio and Jon Ortiz de Urbina 1993 IntroductionGenerative Studies in Basque Linguistics, Hualde, José Ignacio and Jon Ortiz de Urbina (eds.), pp. 7–20
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