Chu-Ren Huang

List of John Benjamins publications for which Chu-Ren Huang plays a role.


Durative events by default are atelic. However, temporal targets are typically required for durative verbs with a rushing manner, such as ‘We are catching the 3:30 flight’ and ‘The farmer rushed to harvest before the storm’. Why and how does manner introduce delimiting temporal concepts to durative… read more | Article
Xiong, Jiajuan and Chu-Ren Huang 2020 Plurality and definiteness in Chengdu ChineseLanguage and Linguistics 21:4, pp. 655–687
The authors identify a plural marker -ɕiɛ in Chengdu Chinese that can apply to both count and mass nouns, encoding plurality as well as definiteness. This post-nominal -ɕiɛ differs from the pre-nominal ɕiɛ, as the latter is purely plural but not inherently definite. Our analysis shows that the… read more | Article
Wang, Shichang, Chu-Ren Huang, Yao Yao and Angel Chan 2019 The effect of morphological structure on semantic transparency ratingsThe interface of semantics & etymology, morpho-syntax, and pragmatics in Chinese, Peck, Jeeyoung (ed.), pp. 225–255
Semantic transparency deals with the interface between lexical semantics and morphology. It is an important linguistic phenomenon in Chinese in the context of prediction of meanings of compounds from their constituents. Given prominence of compounding in Chinese morpho-lexical processes, to date… read more | Article
An event noun is a special type of noun that lexically encodes eventive information. This paper examines a typical non-derived Mandarin Chinese noun, huìyì ‘conference; meeting’. It first establishes that huìyì is an event noun through distributional evidences. Then, it explores the semantic type… read more | Article