Merel Keijzer

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English Sentence Constructions

Marjolijn H. Verspoor, Tim Kassenberg, Merel Keijzer and Gregory J. Poarch

[Not in series, 240] 2022. 261 pp.
Subjects Electronic/Multimedia Products | English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Syntax

Language Attrition: Theoretical perspectives

Edited by Barbara Köpke, Monika S. Schmid, Merel Keijzer and Susan Dostert

[Studies in Bilingualism, 33] 2007. viii, 258 pp.
Subjects Contact Linguistics | Language acquisition | Multilingualism | Psycholinguistics | Theoretical linguistics

First Language Attrition: Interdisciplinary perspectives on methodological issues

Edited by Monika S. Schmid, Barbara Köpke, Merel Keijzer and Lina Weilemar

[Studies in Bilingualism, 28] 2004. x, 378 pp.
Subjects Language acquisition | Multilingualism | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Groen, Loes, Merel Keijzer, Marije C. Michel and Wander Lowie 2020 An English academic reading course for Dutch pre-university studentsDutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 9:1/2, pp. 207–214 | Article
In this research note we argue that reading lessons for the subject of English in Dutch pre-university education require adjustments. Currently, these lessons do not prepare students well for university reading. Too often, lessons emphasize searching for information, the dominant skill to pass… read more
Ploeg, Mara van der, Merel Keijzer and Wander Lowie 2020 Methodological concerns and their solutions in third-age language learning studiesDutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 9:1/2, pp. 97–108 | Article
With the average life expectancy in especially developed countries steadily increasing, healthy ageing is prioritised on the research agenda. Various studies have looked into bilingualism as a possible anti-ageing tool to delay the onset of symptoms of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s,… read more
Irshad, Mufeeda, Merel Keijzer, Martijn Wieling and Marjolijn H. Verspoor 2019 Effectiveness of a dynamic usage based computer assisted language programDutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 8:2, pp. 137–162 | Article
The current paper explores whether a Dynamic Usage Based (DUB) approach – which takes authentic meaningful language use with repetition and scaffolding for comprehension as its basis – can also be implemented in a CALL environment. The effectiveness of the DUB-CALL program was tested in a… read more
Pot, Anna, Merel Keijzer and Kees de Bot 2018 Do low L2 abilities impede healthy aging for migrant older adults in the Netherlands?Dutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 7:1, pp. 109–120 | To be specified
Research towards aging of migrant populations has so far mostly focused on (bio)medical and psychological aspects. Here we explore to what extent second language ability is a factor influencing the healthy aging process of older Turkish migrants in the Netherlands. To get a first understanding… read more
This study addresses a gap in the literature on executive function advantages among bilingual speakers by investigating a group of elderly, long-term, immersed bilinguals. Our participants are native Dutch speakers who emigrated to Australia as adults and have spent many years in that country. They… read more
Keijzer, Merel and Monika S. Schmid 2016 Individual differences in cognitive control advantages of elderly late Dutch-English bilingualsAging and Bilingualism, Bialystok, Ellen and Margot D. Sullivan (eds.), pp. 64–85 | Article
This study addresses a gap in the literature on executive function advantages among bilingual speakers by investigating a group of elderly, long-term, immersed bilinguals. Our participants are native Dutch speakers who emigrated to Australia as adults and have spent many years in that country.… read more
This paper reports a study that investigates and compares the effects of foreign language proficiency, social status of a learner’s family, self-esteem, and competitiveness on FL anxiety. Chinese university students (N = 146), who were learning Japanese and English, participated in this study.… read more
Hoeijmakers, Marieke, Elise de Bree and Merel Keijzer 2013 English spelling performance of Dutch grammar school studentsDutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 2:2, pp. 152–169 | Article
The present study investigates English spelling performance of Dutch grammar school students to establish whether Dutch grammar school students are able to spell words differing in complexity, as well as whether they are sensitive to the information available in the spellings (phonological,… read more
As part of a longitudinal study on L1 attrition in immigrants, Kees de Bot and Michael Clyne (1989) unexpectedly found that older subjects were increasingly more likely to return to their first language, while at the same time losing parts of their L2. De Bot and Clyne subsequently formulated the… read more
Keijzer, Merel 2008 Language Attrition in Dutch Emigrants in Anglophone Canada: Internally or externally-induced change?Linguistics in the Netherlands 2008, Koppen, Marjo van and Bert Botma (eds.), pp. 97–108 | Article
This paper examines whether the order in which Dutch emigrants in the English-speaking part of Canada lose their first language is the reverse of that in which Dutch-speaking children first acquire their mother tongue. This idea, captured in the regression hypothesis, has not been extensively… read more
Keijzer, Merel en Monika S. Schmid 2005 Building Language Attrition ResearchMeertaligheid zonder meer, pp. 201–207 | Article
This article examines the foundations of language attrition research. As such, it argues that all attrition research should essentially build on four pillars: international contacts, theoretical perspectives, methodological perspectives and social relevance. The four pillars are discussed… read more
This study seeks to investigate the effect a computer-based intervention program can have on the spelling skills of Dutch dyslexic or poor second-language learners of English in secondary education. The program, named Remedioom, aims at improving English spelling skills by making pupils explicitly… read more