Robert F. Williams

List of John Benjamins publications for which Robert F. Williams plays a role.


This article examines source-path-goal image-schematic structure in gestures used to solve counting problems (gesture for thinking) and to teach children how to read a clock (gesture for teaching). The analyses illustrate how path schemas inherent in idealized cognitive models are exhibited in… read more | Article
Williams, Robert F. 2008. Guided Conceptualization: Mental Spaces in Instructional Discourse. Mental Spaces in Discourse and Interaction, Oakley, Todd and Anders Hougaard (eds.), pp. 209–234
Williams, Robert F. 2008. Gesture as a conceptual mapping tool. Metaphor and Gesture, Cienki, Alan and Cornelia Müller (eds.), pp. 55–92
Metaphoric understandings emerge when conceptual mappings link elements of one domain with elements of another. Cross-domain mappings seem powerful and creative, but even mundane meanings involve mappings that link elements with one another. Instructional interactions bring the process of… read more | Article
In collaborative reasoning about what causes the seasons, phases of the moon, and tides, participants (three to four per group) introduce ideas by gesturing depictively in personal space. Other group members copy and vary these gestures, imbuing their gesture spaces with similar conceptual… read more | Article