Thomas A. Hanson

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Renewed interest in research methods used in cognitive translation and interpreting studies (CTIS) has led to increased reflection on the nature of research and experimental design, internal and external validity, and the type and nature of experimental tasks. Of particular concern is the extent… read more | Article
Hanson, Thomas A. and Christopher D. Mellinger. 2021. Chapter 4. An information asymmetry framework for strategic translation policy in multinational corporations. Translating Asymmetry – Rewriting Power, Carbonell i Cortés, Ovidi and Esther Monzó-Nebot (eds.), pp. 77–99
The size and scope of multinational corporations in the globalized and interconnected modern economy has increased the need for language services to facilitate a broad range of cross-language communication. Much of the prior research on language in international business has emphasized a… read more | Chapter
Mellinger, Christopher D. and Thomas A. Hanson. 2020. Meta-analysis and replication in interpreting studies. Interpreting 22:1, pp. 140–149
Mellinger, Christopher D. and Thomas A. Hanson. 2019. Meta-analyses of simultaneous interpreting and working memory. Interpreting 21:2, pp. 165–195
This article adopts a meta-analytic research framework to examine the strength of the relationship between working memory and simultaneous interpreting. This quantitative analysis utilizes a random effects model to combine multiple studies in an examination of differences between professional… read more | Article
Mellinger, Christopher D. and Thomas A. Hanson. 2018. Interpreter traits and the relationship with technology and visibility. Community Interpreting, Translation, and Technology, Pokorn, Nike K. and Christopher D. Mellinger (eds.), pp. 366–392
Research on technology and interpreting regularly investigates technology-mediated interpreting settings and contrasts various interpreting configurations to better understand how technology changes the interpreting task. This scholarship generally does not account for various personality or… read more | Article
Mellinger, Christopher D. and Thomas A. Hanson. 2018. Order effects in the translation process. Translation, Cognition & Behavior 1:1, pp. 1–20
This study investigates how the order in which various translation memory match-types occur in a target language version of a text may influence translator behavior and cognition. Empirical research designs often attempt to mitigate for possible confounds from order effects, yet explicit… read more | Article