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Multiple Perspectives on Terminological Variation

Edited by Patrick Drouin, Aline Francœur, John Humbley and Aurélie Picton

Subjects Lexicography | Terminology | Translation Studies


Eugen Wüster is generally credited with founding modern Terminology theory. Over time, his legacy has been evaluated from various points of view, each new approach positioning itself against what came to be known as the General Theory of Terminology. Reappraisal came in particular from… read more
Humbley, John and Aurélie Picton 2017 Introduction: Multiple perspectives on terminological variationMultiple Perspectives on Terminological Variation, Drouin, Patrick, Aline Francœur, John Humbley and Aurélie Picton (eds.), pp. 1–7 | Introduction
Humbley, John 2013 Review of Messaoudi (2012): Sur les technolectesTerminology 19:2, pp. 277–281 | Review
Humbley, John and Joaquín García Palacios 2012 Neology and terminological dependencyNeology in Specialized Communication, Cabré, Teresa, Rosa Estopà and Chelo Vargas-Sierra (eds.), pp. 59–85 | Article
The situation of the terminologies of cutting-edge sciences and technologies in such important languages as French and Spanish is rapidly changing. It can be demonstrated that they rely more and more directly on English-language terms and conceptual structures. This new situation calls for a… read more
Calberg-Challot, Marie, Danielle Candel, Didier Bourigault, Xavier Dumont, John Humbley et Jacques Joseph 2008 Une analyse méthodique pour l’extraction terminologique dans le domaine du nucléaireTerminology 14:2, pp. 183–203 | Article
This article describes an evaluation of the Syntex tool used to define a terminology reference frame base for building a new dictionary. This tool is then used in an experiment in which technical terms are extracted from different corpora. These terms belong to the sub-domains “Fuel” and “Reactors”… read more
Chodkiewicz, Christine, Didier Bourigault and John Humbley 2002 Making a workable glossary out of a specialised corpus: Term extraction and expert knowledgeLexis in Contrast: Corpus-based approaches, Altenberg, Bengt and Sylviane Granger (eds.), pp. 249–267 | Chapter
Humbley, John, Geoffrey S. Koby and Sue Ellen Wright 1999 Part II: English TerminologyTerminologie de la Traduction: Translation Terminology. Terminología de la Traducción. Terminologie der Übersetzung, Delisle, Jean, Hannelore Lee-Jahnke and Monique C. Cormier (eds.), pp. 107 ff. | Chapter